My 200hr yoga teacher certification program is a total immersion into all aspects of yourself and your practice. In yoga, the word “Guru” often carries the connotation of “teacher, expert, or mentor.” In this immersion, my goal is to awaken the Guru within you because the real meaning of Guru is “one who dispels darkness of ignorance.”

“Gu” means “darkness of ignorance.”
“Ru” means “one who removes”

My intention is to give you the tools and guide you thru the process and support you in this inward journey of self expression, discipline, and connection between mind, body and soul… this practice we call Yoga. Through this process we will shine light on your blind spots, pierce thru your doubts, your fears and perceived limitations. This light is where possibilities lie, where strength resides, and where there are no boundaries of limitations. It begins with you and your willingness to dedicate yourself to the yoga practice and sharpen your awareness of Self in order to remove the “darkness of ignornace.”

Join me! We start on February 9, 2017. CLICK here for more information.