ytuballsYoga Tune Up® (YTU) is a style of yoga developed by Jill Miller.  It is a distinct set of movements, poses and specialized techniques that takes you through a safe and effective workout.  It is a great compliment to any style of yoga as it gives you the opportunity to break down many classical yoga postures and drill down to the heart of movement and understand where you body’s true range of motion is.   The best part of YTU is the therapy ball products that provide pain relief methods and self massage techniques that will leave your body feeling better, stronger, and more relaxed.

I currently only teach YTU classes at various corporate classes in the area, private sessions, and workshops.

Contact for more information or to schedule a YTU class for your venue.


I’m a big fan of Nikki and she’s my favorite teacher in the Bay Area.  She has amazing power yoga classes that challenge even the most experienced yogi. She’s very hands on and while the flows are serious stuff, she has a great attitude and isn’t afraid to laugh and making the practice further inviting.” ~Annie