crescentlungeAs a former high tech engineer, I understand the challenges people have from working long hours at the desk. It’s important to get the project done but it’s also important to take care of your bodies so you can focus better at the desk and prevent many ergonomic issues that may arise from prolonged sitting or repetitive motions.

I currently teach corporate yoga to several big companies in the Silicon Valley area. The specialized Yoga Tune Up® classes have been popular with the corporate yogis because of the pain relief they get from self massage techniques thru the use of therapy balls followed by a yoga practice.

Bring yoga to your workplace whether your company has a fitness center with dedicated studio space or just a large conference room.


Yoga at the workplace helps:

  • reduce and relieve tension from sitting at the desk
  • focus on common pain areas such as shoulders, back, and carpel tunnel thru specialized Yoga Tune Up® classes
  • great team building activity
  • create a healthy environment to ensure you have happy and productive employees

Whether you want to incorporate a yoga session before a meeting as a team building exercise or to promote health and well-being to your employees, I can help you customize a yoga program to meet your needs.

Contact for rates and availability.

Nikki’s classes were just as I had expected them to be, and possibly even more – well-guided, challenging (at your own discretion), intimate, and with varied yoga techniques (+yoga therapy). ~Grace