Move your body.  Expand your breath.  Still your mind.


Join Nikki at Bright Heart Yoga Studio in Cupertino, CA for group classes.

All levels welcome.


You can also join Nikki at Google or Apple weekly if you’re an employee of those companies.

Click here for more information on bringing yoga to your workplace.


Some students only need one lesson to get on track while others need at least 4.  Some students are lifelong students who just prefer private lessons.  Your lesson may be a specific area you need help with or it can be a full vinyasa type class tailored just for you.  What ever your reasons are, private lessons are a great way to learn more about the practice and your body.

  • improve your postures and alignmenttadasanaassist
  • adapt your poses to your body type
  • gain more body awareness
  • learn and practice advanced poses
  • focus on injury rehabilitation
  • properly realign the body
  • enhance performance in other sports/activities
  • compliment physical therapy or personal training regimen
  • get some familiarity to the practice before you go to group classes

Sessions can be tailored to meet your needs from 1hr to 2hrs. Nikki often gives you post session homework so you can retain what you learned. She also often video tapes the sessions or takes pictures so you have a visual reference for later on.

Classes are held at your location, at a studio, outdoors, at your office or wherever you’d like.

Contact for rates and availability.

If I can put a word in for Nikki, she is one of the 3 best yoga teachers that I have had in the past 10 years, and I’ve tried well over 100 teachers in the Bay Area.  She is an inspirational, motivational, expert power Vinyasa instructor.  She is incredibly creative with her flow, which is so important in keeping the practice fresh for us daily yogis.  She has a great personality and verbal cadence and she actually *teaches* yoga, rather than just leading a practice.  I’ve been going to her classes for several years, first in Sunnyvale, then at Santa Clara, and now at the studio that she founded in Cupertino.  When I took my job at Apple, one of the factors that influenced my decision was that I would be able to attend her regular studio on DeAnza. ~ Jeff

Having recently come out of major surgery (2 spinal repairs and abdominal repair work) it has been tough for me to go from strong, flexible and comfy in almost any level class to… a hunched over, experiencing more pain than I ever thought possible and yet, I recently came back to Nikki’s class.  Her caring, experience and knowledge, has been there for me every step of the way.  It’s a profoundly humbling and educational experience, but I am hopeful and I grow more confident because she makes it possible in the safest, most constructive way possible.” ~Lilia