Twelves Day of Yoga: On the 5th Day

“On the 5th day of yoga, my guru gave to me…

5 minute peace
4 flying crows
3 om’ing om oms
2 turtle poses
and a Hanuman in a coconut tree.

We all know the benefits of mediation and the power of stillness, but most of us don’t make time for it.  I confess… every minute of my day is accounted for something else other than stillness.  Lately, my yoga practice is the closest thing to meditation for me.  Even though my practice gets me to turn inward and shut out the noise for a bit, it is still different from a sitting meditation.  It’s challenging for a type-A overachiever like me to sit still.  I used to think it was a waste of time to sit and do nothing.  But over the years I’ve realized that there is tremendous power in doing nothing.  But to fool someone like myself, I’d like to say that it takes some doing to just sit and do nothing🙂  Yep, it takes your effort and intention to just sit and do nothing.  Today, I am making time for 5 minutes of peace… to just hang out in the space between thoughts.

Do it with me. Drop what you’re doing now and find a quiet space, even shutting your office door and sitting in your chair will work.  Click below to download and listen:

5 minute heart centered candle light meditation

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