Twelve Days of Yoga: On the 3rd Day

“On the third day of yoga, my guru gave to me…

3 om’ing om oms
2 turtle poses
and a Hanuman in a coconut tree.

This reminded me of a previous post that I thought would be perfect to revisit:  How to Om.

I love to om.  It takes me out of my head and into the moment.  The sound and the vibration makes my body pulsate.  I could feel my existence.  I love to hear my yoga class om in unison.  The best part is hearing the difference in the oms from the beginning of the class compared to the oms at the end of the class.  It reminds me that everything changes… the Universe is in constant motion, constantly changing and to move with this change is to get closer and closer to the present moment.  After doing yoga for an hour or so, our bodies change, our moods change, our perceptions change, and so does the breath. In a short period of time, we start to let go, we start to relax, we start to become present and with that we breathe more consciously. So at the end, the oms become longer, stronger, and more vibrant.

Sometimes I om once when I’m out of time and need to end class.  More often than not, I om 3 times.  I don’t know the reason why we om 3 times.  No one has ever taught me the reason and no one has ever asked.  But I gather it might have something to do with the fact that om has 3 elements A-U-M.  The A-U is put together to make the ‘O’ sound and is often written as ‘om’ instead of ‘aum’ for pronounciation purposes.

More personally, I om 3 times because the first one is dedicated to me, the second one is for all those in the room, and the third one is for all the heart beats in the world.

Here’s one of my favorite ways to om when I have a full class… a sea of oms.  It sounds like a chorus and I could hear my heart beat clearly as the sounds of our collective vibration bounce off the walls of the studio, weaving our breath and our physical energies and bringing us a bigger sense of connection and peace. Take a listen, click on the link below:


Om shanti shanti shanti…. wishing you peace, peace, peace.

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