Top 10 Things To Do Once In A Blue Moon

I’ve been living it up in Oahu, Hawaii this past week before “working” and leading my first yoga retreat in Maui.  Something about the air, the sun, the way of life here that takes me out of my mind and into the spirit of Aloha and this trip has been nothing but magical so far.   I arrived on Aug 1st, a full moon.  I later learned that this month has two full moons, one in the beginning and the second at the end of the month.  The phenomenon is considered a blue moon.   I normally feel myself drained and my mood usually changes during full moons, but this time I just felt energized and happy.  I’m sure being in paradise has a bit to do with it… but it was such a joy to practice during sunrise and be under the full moon at the same time.

As the saying goes… “once in a blue moon” or “once in a while,”  this trip as been everything about that.

 Top 10 things to do once in a blue moon:

10.  Take yourself out of your normal life and sit under a palm tree and do nothing but wait for the sun to set.

At Ko’Olina Cove


9.  Practice yoga at the crack of dawn because it’s so peaceful in the morning.

I practically get the whole lagoon to myself in the early morning
Someone’s gotta use this beautiful lagoon.. it might as well be me 🙂


8.  Leave the house with messy hair and no makeup.

Messy hair is in… wind blown is easy maintenance.


7.  Stop and notice the little things around you.

The smallest flower patch that no one probably ever looks at


6.  Encounter one of mother’s natures creatures.

See the turtle? I encountered a total of 6 of these creatures while snorkeling in Hanauma Bay and hanging out at the North Shore


5.  Forget about hugging trees, kiss a fish.

The humuhumunukunukuapua’a is the Hawaiian State fish.


4.  Eat pineapple snow

Hawaiian snow is a hybrid of shave ice and soft serve yogurt


3.  Hike to the top of a volcano crater and get an awesome view

The view atop Diamond Head Crater — an extinct volcano


2.  Eat a burger twice the size of your jaw opening.

Bigger is Better… especially after a few hours of snorkeling. By far the best turkey burger I’ve ever had!

1.  Jump off a perfectly good airplane with an adrenaline junkie strapped to your back.

My first sky dive experience with the crazy Kip on my back. This one deserves it’s own post soon 🙂


Now I’m ready to lead my retreat.  I’m so lucky I get to hang out with 11 very incredible yogis this week at Lumeria Retreat Center in Maui.  Our first class started tonight.. of course an inaugural class wouldn’t be complete without  local style grinds.

Deep friend spam musubi… it’s worth tasting with some kim chee
The Hawaiian plate lunch: laulau, kalua pig, lomi lomi salmon, and chicken long rice. The 2 scoops brown rice made me feel somewhat better 😉


We’ll be working this off for sure in the week to come.

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