Today I Am A Student

Beep! Beep! Beep!  5:00AM!  The alarm clock rings.  Ughhhh thursday morning 6:30am class already?   Can you see I’m a grump in the morning?  I’ve been struggling with this 6:30am class.  Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to get up that early to teach especially cause it’s still a growing class.  I’m lucky to get 3 people.  Today as I sit there wondering if someone was gonna show up, one person walks in at 6:38am.  “Oh crap!” I say to myself.  It’s an older man probably 30 years my senior.   He had a pot belly.

I totally judged him.  I would’ve rather drove back home and jumped back into bed than teach this old man.  I know, I know, I broke the teachers pledge… to be present for each and every student.  But hey, I’m human too and a human with lack of sleep is a human with lack of sleep….

Leave it to a few good rounds of Sun A and B to wake me up.  Actually he inspired me.  He knew his stuff.  I had to keep up with him!  Wow!  We flowed.  We breathed. We sweated.  And then, I gave him the choice of inversion.   “I’ll do a handstand,” he says.

Really?  I thought to myself.   Asked him if he’s done it before because we didn’t have time to teach it.   “Yep.” he said.  Ok.  I watched him set up by the wall.  One leg goes up.  Right when I thought he was gonna donkey kick himself up, he floated up with ease and breath. With ease and breath.

I am inspired.  I am inspired.  I am inspired.

As each student should begin as a beginner, a teacher needs to begin as the student.

(J.D. if you’re reading this… thanks for making my morning!  I enjoyed your presence and am deeply grateful for the lessons you taught me.)

One thought on “Today I Am A Student

  1. Jenni Tillett says:

    Nikki, I just wanted you to know that I’m reading and I’m inspired too. And next time your alarm goes off at 5:00am, just know that I’m already out of the shower by then and getting ready to go to work! So you’re not alone!

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