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How can anyone find patience with a hormone blasting 3 year old boy going on 18?  My son will be turning 4 in several weeks and it feels like someone flipped the light switch overnight and he started growing pubic hairs.  I’m convinced that 4 year olds are the actual terrible twos (or rather f*ing fours to be exact) that every parent dreads.

This stone wall hanging I found at the OM Gallery in Santa Cruz needs to be turned into a 4T t-shirt that he can wear to help remind me to be patient and support his curiousity of pushing my buttons.  It resonates so true though.  When the boy starts to act up and I feed his tantrum with anger, it turns into a whole day of things gone wrong.  Most of the time, he just needs some extra TLC and before I know it, he’s back to his sweet loving self.  Although sometimes it feels good to just have a tantrum along side him and then we both laugh about it later.

The saying of “it takes more muscles to frown than to smile,” is exactly that.  It takes more energy and effort to stay mad, sad, or angry than to just let it go and be happy.  The argument of how many muscles it takes ranges from 64 muscles to frown and 4 muscles to smile to 33 muscles to frown and 13 muscles to smile.  In either case, we can experience the slight shift of attitude from frowning to smiling.  And no, just cause it uses more muscles to frown, it doesn’t burn extra calories… although you could probably get a good ab work out by laughing til you cry.

S M I  L E   🙂  It makes people wonder what you’re up too 🙂

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