Thank Goodness It’s Monday

I woke up this morning feeling a bit jet lagged, even though there was no time change from my travel to Seattle this weekend.  And the first thing I thought was “I don’t wanna get up and was wishing it was still Sunday.”  With resistance I got up, got ready for work, hopped in the car and realized I needed some gas.  This forced me to take a different route to work to stop by a gas station.  On the way, I saw a Good Will truck with big letters that read, “Donate for jobs.  Give someone a chance to complain about Mondays.”

Oh my!  That was me complaining about Monday again.  In that instance I realized I can make a shift and give poor Monday a break.  Stop picking on Her.  She didn’t do anything but give you another opportunity to live.  So today, I am declaring T.G.I.M.

What if your Mondays began full force?  Not slowly easing into the week.  Jumping in with both feet!  What if your Monday was  welcomed with the same anticipation and excitement that you reserve for fridays?



What are you waiting for?  Monday deserves to be put on a pedestal.  How will you be present for today?

9 thoughts on “Thank Goodness It’s Monday

  1. this morning, at 10am EST, i did one of your podcasts from back in march (5 elements of practice). it certainly helped set the tone.

  2. i should clarify, the personification i like, when a day of the week or such is depicted as female, is art, illustrative painted or photo even – sorry ’bout that unclearness, must still be monday 😉

    • I think it makes it personal.  When something/someone matters to you personally, you’re more likely to commit or make them/it count 🙂

  3. how’m i gonna be present this monday? good question 😉

    i think by pondering why, when i see a day of the week or even a whole month, personified as a female creation, i like it – yet,

    when i see it in print, as “Her” it irks me, hmmmm, gonna have to think about why one reverse sex-personification (female instead of male) i still like, but the other just seems off

    good way to start a new week of ponderings 😉 thanks nikki

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