Set Your Space Up For Success

Over the weekend, I finally finished the kiddo’s room make over that was suppose to happen a year ago.  Yes, that’s procrastination at it’s best!  Over the last year, I’ve spent so many hours and afternoons cleaning and organizing their rooms, giving them the space to stay organized and clean.  But no matter how many times I’ve cleaned their cubbies, closets, toy bins and organized their things for them so they would put things back in their places, it NEVER worked!  A week later, back to a pig pen and I’m left frustrated to threaten that I will throw everything away. I finally figured it out when I decided to completely dedicate an entire week to get this make over project done.  They needed a space to call their own.  A space that they would be proud of.  A space where they can find joy and a sense of responsibility.  A space that sets them up for success.  (pics below)

Ready for practice

I often suggest to my students that they should set up their (yoga) space for success.  What does this mean? Set up your physical space by setting up your props, towel, water, etc to be accessible and ready to support you when you need.   One block on each side of your mat, strap by your side, towel and water near you.  Set up your mental space by turning off your cell phone, finish your conversations, set your intention and commit to presence.  I often see students bring props to their space, but it either stays at the back of their mat or way off to the side that they can’t reach it when they need it in a pose.  Then instead of coming out of the pose and finding the prop, they stay and struggle because by the time they get the prop, the teacher is gonna call the next pose.  A successful space will not only support you physically, but also mentally.  When we have everything we need, we don’t have excuses to come out of the pose at the moment that our mind tries to take over and bully us into releasing the pose because it’s “too hard.”   Count the number of times that you fidget in a pose, fix your hair, fix your yogi toes, sip your water, look around, go to the bathroom, etc anything but stay and feel what you feel.  These are “exit doors.”  They are convenient ways for us to find an excuse to get out of the pose.  If you have to get out, simply get out and take child’s pose.  A quick blurb about sipping water.  Not only should your space be set up for success but also set up yourself for success.  There are times when we are really thirsty, but other times it’s just another excuse to not stay and experience the pose.  Come to class hydrated instead of trying to hydrate during class.  These are simple tools you can use to deepen your practice (A deep practice doesn’t necessarily mean stronger poses and deeper stances, but there are ways to deepen your commitment and your presence — more on this later).

Before the make over:

Jazzy's room
Niko's messy room

After a simple paint job and tough negotiations to decide what stays and what gets donated:

Jazzy is working on a couple of canvases for the empty wall space
Niko's creative corner
No extra cubbies to invite clutter and mess

One thought on “Set Your Space Up For Success

  1. LOVE the rooms!!! kim and i are already scheming about how to decorate our kids’ rooms (and we’re not even engaged yet!)–but i imagine them being a lot like those! bright and open and pulsing with positive, creative, boundless energy. : )

    i’ll be living in a one-room studio apartment come…oh, next monday. and one thing i’m concerned about is having a “yoga” corner–aka, if i’ll even have the room! i’m keeping my fingers crossed that i will. otherwise, i’ll be leaving the middle of the apartment open enough to set up a mat and do my thing. : )

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