Patience and Pomegrantes

Seeds of patience

I came home tonight craving a pomegrante after a hot, sweaty, and vigorous class.  I bought 3 big orbs at the farmer’s market on friday but haven’t had the time to peel them.  Ok, I was actually resisting my cravings because I hate peeling them!  Talk about a love-hate emotion!  Love to eat them, but peeling them is so tedious.  If you know me, you must know that I have to do it right.  They can’t bleed and each seed must not go to waste.  It takes me ten minutes on average to peel one.  10 minutes doesn’t seem like a long time, but when I’m fighting between little fingers sneaking into my bowl and popping them in their mouths quicker than I can pop the seeds out of the rind, it’s a LONG time!

Tonight, the pomegrante poppers are fast asleep and I sit with my shiny red orb in hand, popping them out one at a time… not into a bowl, but into my mouth!   Mmmmmm the promises of a sweet, sour, juicy delight tantalizes my taste buds.

I am reminded that although patience is a practice of waiting, it never is passive.  Even the kiddos who wait for me to peel the fruit don’t wait passively.  They reach in with all 10 fingers.

This week I’ve been practicing patience with my hips (yes, I have tight hips and tight hamstrings and tight everything else) and although I wish they would not be so tight, I gently remind myself that it’s a peeling process.  I definitely don’t want myself to bleed (aka push them forcefully into pigeon for example) and definitely want to savor every seed (aka sensation that arises).  Each inhale and exhaaaaaaaale  is an opportunity to shift my perspective (aka my belief system aka B.S!) about my tight hips.  More often than not, it usually takes about 10 minutes to soften and the only right way to do it is to BREATHE through it.

Watch for my “oh! my! holy hips!” podcast this week 🙂

4 thoughts on “Patience and Pomegrantes

  1. Jon says:

    Have you tried peeling the pomegranates in a bowl of water? It goes much faster because there’s no sticky mess and the pith tends to float to the top.

    For an added treat, cover the arils with melted dark chocolate and let cool. I brought these as a treat after Power class one night and my teacher decided they were so good they should be called “Pomegranate Sex Clusters” 🙂

  2. What a blessing your podcasts are Nikki. THANKS so much for sharing. SO looking forward to the oh my holy hips! my favorite area to sink into, my tightest and hardest to let go of.
    Enjoy that pomegranate! Sounds like you have the perfect way to peel and eat it, one seed at a time.
    have a great night!

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