Meditation Days 3-4 and Duncan Wong

Day 3: Yesterday was another struggle free meditation day as I sat for 5 minutes before my 5:30pm class.  It was such a needed experience after commuting right in the heart of traffic to go teach my happy hour of power class.

Day 4: Today, I meditated for 5 minutes in the morning right before breakfast.  What a difference!  Morning meditation is much easier… at least for the first several minutes.  My body wasn’t in full motion yet so the physical body was already ready.  About midway through, my mind starts to wander… doing it’s own thing.  Checking the to-do list.  Hearing the kids argue about which yogurt they wanted to eat made me think about breakfast.  What was I going to eat for breakfast?  I needed to eat a hearty breakfast cause I wasn’t going to have time for lunch at noon because I’m going to Duncan Wong’s workshop.  Speaking of which… I need to pre-register.  yadah, yadah, ya!  I bring back my attention to my palms until I feel the finger tips tingle and then baa-rrring, baa-rrring, baa-rrring goes my harp like chime signaling the end of 5 minutes. Good thing cause my stomach is growling…

Yum! Yum!  Bittermelon omelette with really ripe tomatoes and sunflower sprout salad with lemon, honey drizzle:

I met Duncan Wong for the first time at Wanderlust in Sept.   I LOVE him!!!   Let’s just say he has a very interesting personality 🙂  I love his fusion of breath work, mixed martial arts, and thai bodywork that is  filled with strength and grace. I am conquering my fear of hand stands as the workshop is focused on jumping principles:  handstands and arm balances.   3 hours of fear fun 🙂  Can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with you!

At Wanderlust Festival 2010, Squaw Valley

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  1. moral question: can i meditate during savasana, after giving assists, if it creates a better space for the students to be in? or is that not really possible? thanks wise yoga momma 🙂

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