Rudraksha beads are actually fruits produced by an Elaeocarpus tree, a type of evergreen tree found in India, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii.  When the blueberry like fruit dries, what is left inside are these orange-brown seeds.  Each seed has anywhere between 1 and 21 faces (wedge like partitions) that contain more seeds inside.  The word Rudraksha known as “eye of Shiva” or “tears of Shiva” are known to be auspicious seeds that grew from a tear drop that Shiva shed out of compassion upon awakening from his meditation. These beads are also known to have a unique vibration.  The smaller the bead, the more vibrant it is.  These mystical seeds have been worn by sages and yogis and is believed to be a shield against negative energies, bring peace of mind, improve memory, relieve anxiety, strengthen the heart, and bring balance to the body.

The beads have three distinct parts:  head, tail, and mukhi (face).  To enhance the vibration of these beads, we take extra care and detail to ensure each bead is strung properly.  For example, in a necklace mala, the beads should be strung in which two heads are facing each other and two tails are facing each other.