A mala is a string of beads. Traditionally malas are used to count 108 mantras or prayers during meditation.  They are comprised of 108 beads plus one guru (head) bead called a sumeru.  Depending on your tradition or how you connect to your mala, the number 108 carries various meanings. Some believe breathing only 108 breaths a day leads to enlightenment while others deem there are 108 nadis or energy pathways from the heart to the rest of the body and you can purify your whole body by reciting your mantra 108 times.  This mystical number also appears in astrology, different traditions, sanskrit alphabet and various beliefs.  Whatever your belief or tradition is, our mala mala bracelets and necklaces are made with 108 beads or derivatives of this special number in 18, 27, 36, or 54.

Malas are traditionally made with rudraksha beads, lotus seeds, bodhi seeds or round wood beads.  Each one of our mala mala pieces will always have a rudraksha seed because we love the symbolism and healing properties these beautiful seeds carry. The rudraksha seeds are mixed with various gemstones and crystals that have different energies, properties and colors to enhance your intention of wearing a mala or your desire to connect to the stone’s healing qualities.

There is nothing more calming, grounding and cooling when we accidentally brush our mala or hear them clink when we are practicing yoga or going thru our day.  When we wear our mala daily, it reminds us to stay present, to come back to the breath when things become challenging and helps us stay devoted to our path and our yoga practice.  It doesn’t matter how you connect to these malas as long as it has personal meaning to you.  Wear your mala with true devotion, belief and faith.   The more you wear it, the more it will absorb your love, light, devotion and positive energies that will be reflected back to you.  We hope these timeless beads will bring a sense of magic to you when you wear it and inspire you to connect to your own Divine in style.