Laughter Is the Highest Form of Pranayama (Breath)

You’ve all heard the phrase “laughter is the best medicine.”  Well it is!  In yogic terms, it’s really the highest form of pranayama, the art of breathing. It expands and stretches your inhales and exhales challenging you without you even knowing it.  There are short breaths, hahahaha hehehehehehehe.  Long breaths, aaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaahaaaaaa.  Combo breaths:  waaahahahahahahaha.

LOL there is even a yoga school called Laughter Yoga.  How funny is that?  I’m excited to see there are Laughter Yoga classes near me.. yea! my next adventure soon LOL.  And a world laughter day that apparently was on May 2nd.  Boohoo for missing out.  But why should we save laughter for a big party?  Why not laugh now?  Why do you need a reason to laugh? Why not just do it? Bring it to your mat the next time you fall out of a pose… now you’re doing real laughter yoga 🙂

4 thoughts on “Laughter Is the Highest Form of Pranayama (Breath)

  1. I have tried that. It’s hilarious 🙂 I have actually worked close to one of these therapeuts back in Sweden. Go try it. It’s fun (haha) and yes, the best medicine!

  2. Laughter IS the best medicine! I am going to do a NO complaining day again today (I did one as well last week, and had the same first thought as you!) Let’s start a revolution! Namaste!

  3. I did laugh a few times last night back in my first yoga class in too long a while 😉 Thanks for being so inspiring! Your students are extremely blessed.

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