Keep It Simple

I’m fortunate to immerse myself as a student of yoga this weekend at the Ashtanga Confluence 2013.  Immediately upon arriving at the airport, I am reminded of a lesson I learned several yoga trips ago… and that is to pack simply.

Keeping it simple…

No more heavy bags, extra bags, no more high maintenance personal items.  Just the bare essentials.  Security was a breeze and I kept my peace of mind while everyone else was fumbling with their belt, shoes, laptops, etc.

Simple actions…

Prior to the trip, I was feeling kinda grumpy because I had purchased two tickets.  The other person was not able to come anymore and now I was stuck with an extra ticket that the conference was not going to refund.  It sucks!!  So when I arrived, I had asked again about a possible refund or credit.  I already knew what the answer was going to be, but thought “why not ask again in person” hoping I could bat my eye lashes for some sympathy.  They still said ‘no refunds’ but she offered to let me know if someone was going to buy a ticket during the weekend to buy mine.  This simple action she took made me feel some what better about the situation. I tried, she tried and if I don’t get any money back.. oh well. I’m not going to waste my energy getting upset over it.  I’ll see it simply as a donation to the conference.

Simple ideas…

The first night began with a Ganesh Puja performed by Eddie Stern.  A puja is a ceremony/ritual/offering.  Ganesh is the elephant god known as the Remover of Obstacles and The Lord of Beginnings.  He was honored tonight to insure an auspicious beginning and successful completion of the weekend.

Ganesh adorned with offerings from the puja.

This was the first time I’ve participated in a puja but the idea is not foreign to me.  I’ve seen this type of ritual performed at Buddhist temples while I was growing up but have never been interested in this sort of activity until I saw what a simple action and idea like this could do. I like the simple idea of rituals and how they can increase our happiness and change the world around us.

Simple actions and simple ideas can make a huge impact and possibly change our world.

This idea of rituals can be as simple as brushing your teeth.  Rituals are things/actions we do everyday.  They are a part of our “routine.”  The problem is that our daily routines have become mundane with a “go thru the motion” mentality.  We lose ourselves and the present moment.  A simple act of brushing our teeth every morning can be a meaningful routine… a ritual…  and instead of losing yourself and mindlessly performing the task and lose the present moment, get lost in the present moment.  Get immersed in the present moment.   Can you imagine if we woke up every morning and made teeth brushing a ritual?  That simple 2 minutes or so can become a sacred time to connect to ourselves and get grounded for the day.  Can you imagine what type of impact you would have on the world if you left your house feeling connected and grounded?  All because you brushed your teeth in the morning 🙂

Ganesh waiting for the Puja to begin
Ganesh waiting for the Puja to begin

Don’t turn your back on the present moment… keep things simple so you can face the present moment mindfully.

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