It’s Wet and Cold

“It’s freak’n cold!”  That was the conversation starter when I was in Wisconsin last week.  I watched how the weather affected my mood, my attitude, and my way of being.   It got worse when my kids were teasing me how they were wearing shorts and slippers back home in California.   I was looking forward to coming home to the sunny west coast.  Of course as my luck would have it, I come home to a cold, windy, dreary, not so sunny west coast.  It’s been raining all day today.

The rain was pouring so hard during one of my classes today but it was the most peaceful sound.  I was quickly reminded of a story a favorite teacher of mine, Philip Urso said, “you can be wet and cold OR you can be wet, cold, and miserable.”


So true of our poses too.  We can be in pigeon or be in pigeon and be miserable.

It’s a simple shift and a simple choice that can make a world of a difference.


7 thoughts on “It’s Wet and Cold

  1. It’s sometime easy to forget that we can make these small but profound mental shifts. Your post was especially helpful to me today because its raining buckets here in Sacramento. Thanks and namaste!

    • Oh thanks for reading this old post and leaving a comment. You prompted me to re-read this post and I’m with you because it’s been raining buckets here in the South Bay too.

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