It’s Not About the Handstands, but…

It feels so dang good especially after sitting for hours on end on a hard bench watching your kid play one basketball game after another.


Let me be clear here, there’s a wall behind me and I only took my foot off the wall for the few seconds required for my friend to snap the pic… ugh the banana back following me like a shadow 😉

I remember the year that I dedicated to handstanding. It was a goal oriented practice. One a day, either at the wall, with someone else, with a prop, or in a prep position to prepare for THE day that I could do it on my own for more than a few seconds. Well that got old and like any empty, soulless goal that had no meaningful purpose towards any greater good, it fell off my wagon because the promised benefits glory of handstanding for more than 5 seconds on my own was not that attractive anymore.

However, yesterday I was inspired by a new student who came back to yoga after a long hiatus due to pregnancy. She didn’t pop up into handstand (who knows maybe she could’ve if I taught it in my sequence) but she practiced with such presence and curiosity. I was overcome by awe as I looked out at my class and saw the varying levels of experience in front of me. Some have been practicing with me for several years and some a few months and it was this mama’s first practice with me… yet everyone was flowing together harmoniously and effortlessly.

A-ha moments!! 

Sometimes when I teach, I discover lots of aha moments or say something profound and life changing and other times I wish I could retract what I said the second it came out of my mouth but today I was reminded that the present moment, as corny as it sounds and repetitive as it is in the yoga world,  it is really the answer to our nagging questions, the confidence behind our doubts, the peace to our suffering…

I said something to the effect of, “it doesn’t matter if you’ve been practicing for years or just a few days or returning back to the mat for the first time again.. what matters is if you’re here right now, in this room right now, in this pose right now, in this breath right now.” For that second, I could hear a sigh of relief and a nod of agreement that sent a wave of calm thru the room like an invitation to set everything else aside and get present.

Today’s handstand (the first in a LONG time), required every ounce of my presence. A split second of doubt and a thought of anything else but hands on the earth and feet to the sky sent me sideways, butt in the camera, and legs everywhere but where they were suppose to be.


Today was not about the handstand. It was a reminder to get present… now staying present is another lesson waiting for me another day.

Look! Not touching the wall 😉

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