It’s Easier to Exist Than Live

Every now and then, I pull a book from my shelf, open to a random page and let those words inspire me.  This is what I re-read today:

“… you are the only person alive who has sole custody of your life.  Your particular life.  Your entire life.  Not just your life at your desk, or your life on the bus, or in the car, or at the computer.  Not just the life of your mind, but the life of your heart.  Not just your bank account, but your soul. People don’t talk abou the soul very much anymore.  It’s so much easier to write a resume than to craft a spirit.”

From Anna Quindlen's A Short Guide to a Happy Life

As I believe everything happens for a reason… every moment, every encounter, every challenge… this random page is no coincidence.  It’s so perfect for where I am right now… and NOW is where I’m suppose to be but I can’t help but want to tell the year to hurry up and end. I’m certain you can relate.  The end of the year is quite stressful for many different reasons for most of us and sometimes it’s just easier to just get up every morning and pray you’ll make it through the day.  The hum drum of the day’s activities are just enough to keep you alive in existence.  It’s even quite comfortable there.  By the end of the day, you know you’ll be successful.

Call me out!  I’m guilty as charged.  I’m very good at what I do day in and day out.  It’s very predictable.  Heck, I’m even happy doing it because I really don’t want any extra stress dumped on me.  I thought I was doing very well just existing and surviving each day until I was laying on the table getting my massage today.  I didn’t realize how tense my body was.  Oh the knots and compression in my lower back, upper back, neck to every little crevice.   I realized that in just trying to survive each day, I was slowly killing myself inside.  The more I relaxed into this dull state of being, of hiding, of resisting the people around me and the love of the season, I was cutting off a part of me that I often generously love to share… and that is of my heart.  My body knew.  She closed up.  tensed up. refused to expand.  And here I thought doing the minimum to get by would be better for my health.  

I don’t want an impressive resume… I want to start crafting my spirit again… I hope I bump into you cause I will run you over with love!

L O V E   E V E R Y D A Y…. It’s the part of your life the soul wants to write about. 

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