How Yoga Really Works

This is how yoga really works.  I got this email from a student (who shall remain anonymous) that I just had to share (with the owner’s permission of course) because at one point or another we’ve all experienced this.  Heck!  Sometimes I experience this multiple times a day.  

It’s raw.  It’s pure.  It’s so innocent.  It’s so real.  This is how yoga really works.  Read on…

” what a class today!

started off totally pissed at the guy who set up directly in front of me in his f*&@ing spandex shorts. i mean, come on. we were the first 2 in the room and you really need to park directly in front of me?! i almost striped down to my speedos out of spite.

then, i moved slowly into a state of compassion: the guy seems pretty new to yoga and is struggling with the poses — at least he’s making an effort. I can remember how uncomfortable it was just walking into the room when i started.

then, i found gratitude — that a space like this exists where a guy can come and practice yoga without having people bitch about what he’s wearing. or complaining because he’s not wearing a shirt and he’s sweating all over the place — gross!

yeah — i hate that dude cause he totally reminds me of myself and my own goofiness.”

Yeah, this is how yoga really works.  Reminds me of what I’ve learned… the assholes and the irritating, obnoxious people who make our blood pressure boil and make us want to put our nails to a chalkboard are our best teachers.  I’d say they’re our gurus even.

Oh! how I love my students.  They teach me soooo much!!!  Thank you Anonymous!!!  You know I love you!

3 thoughts on “How Yoga Really Works

  1. Gosh, I’m always the one up front in my classes cause everyone else goes to the back. Mind you I was forced to learn the Sanskrit names to the poses and now the back of the room waits to see what pose I go into when the teacher calls it.

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