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There’s been a bunch of transitions happening all around me.   A handful of folks I know are definitely making shifts in their families as they grieve losses over the holidays.  Some are switching jobs.  Some are even transitioning out of their resolutions already.  No doubt change is the only constant.

I certainly am trying to accommodate change with the addition of new classes and family who were in town for the holidays finally leaving.  Whatever the change is, a new “reality” is created and I believe these times of change and transition are opportunities for me to practice my “yoga” off my mat.  How I handle these changes and transitions are more important than how I’ve arrived or left one situation for the next. Of course this is all reflected on the mat too.

I’ll share with you one tidbit on how to make transitions in your practice more graceful and more efficient so you can embrace a vinyasa/flow/power class with less frustration.  (When you watch the video, keep in mind that during the halfway lift, you need to contract your core in and feel your inner thighs spin to the wall behind you and your sit bones spread.)

Remember that how you approach change and transitions regardless if it’s on the mat from pose to pose or in your life from career to new career tells a whole lot about you.  If you are present to the occurring changes, grace is within in reach and your execution will seem effortless.

6 thoughts on “How To Video: Transitions

  1. This video was great! I have tight hamstrings from running, so I always bend my knees. I loved the advice to jump into low pushup instead of high pushup. Could you do another video sometime on transitioning from downdog to standing warrior or lunge pushups or any other transitions?

  2. I love the “bend your frickin knees”! Hee! I encourage students to forward fold and halfway lift with bent knees for the same reason…but your video really shows how much of a difference it makes. 🙂

  3. LOVE your videos! there is absolutely nothing wrong with bent knees, it’s much safer on the hammys and low back! i hope people get that and start practicing it! love the jump back to chaturanga (low pushup) instead of plank (high pushup). great info! hugs!!

  4. What a great post! I’m sort of obsessed with transitions myself because I rally in new situations and stagnate in old ones, but really struggle with the purgatory of in between. On the mat I work hard at making my moves between asanas as thoughtful and deliberate as the ultimate pose itself. I also spend a lot of time teaching this in my classes. Thanks for the video, shared it on Fb and will on twitter now: lots of vinyasa folks need to see it. 🙂

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