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Hi welcome me back!  Geez it’s been a week since I posted.  Thank you to the person who will not be named for reminding me that I’ve been on a long blogcation.   Speaking of the one that shall not be named… my house has been invaded by Harry Potter.  The kids have turned into Harry and Hermoine as they act the scenes out, the second grader is proudly reading my old books, old baseball bats have turned into brooms and quidditch will replace football on Thanksgiving.  Among the pre-holiday craziness, we’ve had a DVD marathon… trying to catch up on the series before watching the new release.   Three years ago I decided I was not going to fuss over Thanksgiving slaving in the kitchen and decided to go watch a movie.  Let me tell you… Thanksgiving matinee is the best time to go watch a movie.  We are lucky if there is another family or two in the theater.  It’s the best time to go and I don’t have to feel pressured to hush the kids up when they decide to chat.

It’s still crazy nonetheless.  I’ve been brewing up some really really really (did I say really?) exciting new ventures in my yoga.   I am brimming with so much excitement I can hardly contain myself and just want to blurt it out!  BWAH!  But I won’t.  Part of the challenge for me is to sit and wait til it unfolds.  It’s hard… and don’t even try to get it out of me.

When I feel pent up, stressed out or just exhausted, I move.  It’s counter intuitive.  You’d think you should slow down and rest.  Well if you’re anything like me, being tired means jitterly, anxious and restless nerves (ha! maybe that’s a good feeling for some of ya).  I need to MOVE!   Here’s a sequence you can do right now.  Get up, walk away from the computer, roll out your mat and join me in some dancing warriors:

You’re thinking… that energized me right?   Indeed it does.  Stuck energy is gone.  Body wrung out.   Mind at ease.  Now I can relax.

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