How To Video: Fire Up Your Core

Busy, busy, busy must be the word of the week.  I did not have a chance to be here in blog land the last two days and as I found out while catching up with blog friends, they also wrote about busy, busy, busy.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  Change of seasons?  Maybe.

When the seasons change, I usually find myself in crazy transitions whether that is summer cleaning and getting ready for the fall or switching schedules around to accommodate the school schedules, etc.  The more I do, the more tired I get and the more tired I get, the more wired I also get.  Huh?  You would think that the more tired you are, the less energy you have.  Nope.  Think kids.  Kids who are over stimulated and over tired actually get more wild than calm.

So, how do I get rid of this “tired energy?”  Core work!  Lots of it… ask the monday night class 🙂  Here’s a little sequence I’ve been working with:

What would you call this ab move?

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