How To Video: Fire Up Your Core #2

Between sitting too much and standing too much for long periods of time this week, my lower back is screaming for a new one.  This week’s video is a longer sequence of last week’s fire up your core snippet.  I find it best to strengthen my core when my lower back aches.

Now get off your chair, roll out your mat or any floor will do and follow along.  It’s fun!

You could also add in some side planks in there too 🙂

(This video is for entertainment purposes only and is not a substitute for a live qualified instructor)

3 thoughts on “How To Video: Fire Up Your Core #2

  1. this sequence rocks my socks off. i teach in a studio with a baptiste-trained owner… im going to watch this sequence before my next class there and crib note hardcore 🙂

  2. Jenni Tillett says:

    Thanks Nikki for inspiring me to roll out my mat this morning! It would have been so easy for me to blow it off this morning!! Too much to do, but practice should come first.

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