How To Video: Drop Backs

Ahhh it’s “fall back” (yay! for one more hour of sleep) here in the U.S. and literally falling back in this week’s video.  The year is almost over and I’ve faced nearly every fear I have in my practice.. not to say that I’ve conquered them yet, but on my way for sure!   I can bet that 9 out of 10 yogis will have some sort of fear around dropping back into urdhva dhanurasana (upward bow/wheel/back bend pose).

Physically it looks kinda freaky (if you’ve seen some bendy person do this) and it’s definitely freaking scary.  Thoughts of falling on your head or breaking your back or even worse breaking your ego flashes across your mind.  In that split second of thoughts, you’ve begun your mental breakdown where you come up with a long list of excuses, listing every reason why you can’t do it except admit that you’re scared.   Symbolically, dropping back can represent our past and every terrifying thing about our past. We try so hard to not bring up the past that we often forget to experience the present moment for what it is.   I’ve learned that the best way to let go of the past is  to allow myself to truly experience it with my full awareness and observe my experience as it is.  As this happens, the grip that the past has on me begins to loosen and I can better have a grip on my present moment.  It is so relevant the old saying that sometimes, “you have to take two steps back to go one step forward.”  So here goes… dropping back… (FYI prior to this taping, I’ve already completed a whole practice so be clever and make sure you’ve done some warm up before attempting)

A quick update on my 30 days of yoga and gratitude challenge:  I am sore all over.  You’d think I would not be sore since I’ve had a regular practice, but at the end of the first week of this challenge, I’ve noticed how much more engaged I am in my practice.  With heightened awareness on my breath, my movements, and the sensations, I’ve definitely found new edges to explore.  Perhaps that’s my ego’s determination to rise up to a challenge or just that I’m having some fun with what might be an old boring pose that I’ve done a million times.  What ever it is, I’ve been grateful for an awakened body (aka sore body).
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