How To: Chin/Cheek Stand

I know it’s not about the destination… but it’s a good feeling when you see your own progress.  It’s like checking off another item on your to-do list… not because you’re a type-A perfectionist, but because you know you’re capable.. you’re strong enough, flexible enough, and mostly you’re willing to break through… willing to take a risk… willing to fall. 

I first saw this pose done over the summer when I was on my yoga coaching trip to Italy.  “Whoa” was the first word out of my mouth.  I wanna do that.  And the next words out of my mouth was, but “I’m not strong enough,” followed by a slew of other “buts.”  But really, I was afraid to fall.  What if I twist my neck, smash my already flat nose, and break a nail?  It would surely be the end of the world, right?  Of course!  So this pose stayed off my mat. 

Not for long though cause yoga just knows how to creep back in and test your boundaries.  It nags at you.  It keeps telling you you’re strong enough.  You’re ready.  It tells you to trust yourself.  And when you get quiet enough, you can hear this faint voice.  As you listen this faint voice becomes louder than your doubting voice.  Then you find that you don’t even need to have that much courage to try it… you find that all you need is a willingness to open up to courage.  


Be willing!


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