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Two posts ago, I touched on a big revelation I discovered during advanced vinyasa training:  human being vs higher being.  I thought I had it down but toward the end of last week I felt somewhat lost again between the two.. hence no post for awhile.  I’ve been exploring my experiences.

This higher being mentality… seeing the higher self in others really helped me stay grounded during my flight back from Wisconsin.  I was due to arrive home at midnight.  The flight didn’t take off on time due to the weather and I could feel myself getting anxious and irritated because I didn’t want to miss my connecting flight and get stuck in Chicago.  Of course that’s exactly what happened.  I had missed my connecting flight by 5 minutes!!!  Not only did I miss the flight, I missed the last flight out that night.  Grrr!!!   I stood in a long line to talk to the reservation agent and witnessed a flurry of irritated, angry, and rude people everywhere.  One guy was so frustrated that he began yelling at the poor woman behind the desk.  At that moment, I felt this huge relief come over me.  Getting stuck wasn’t so bad because now my kids didn’t have to be woken up in the middle of the night to come pick me up and a great opportunity was presented to me to practice seeing the higher beings in people.  Instead of standing there rolling my eyes and trying to figure what kind of tantrum I was going to give the woman behind the desk, I choose to breathe.  I choose to not judge the guy who was yelling at the woman because I don’t know his story.  I saw that he was just another person who was in his human being essence (reacting) and was probably wanting someone to just listen to him.  I thought the woman was also in her human being essence (reacting and probably thinking, it’s not my fault) and was probably wanting people to stop yelling at her so that she can do what she could to help.  She probably wanted someone to listen to her too.

What if we just listened to each other?  Perhaps there would be no human being reaction…

When it was my turn, I could see the woman was just waiting for my complaint and I threw her off guard by asking her how she was holding up in this chaos.   I could see a big veil of relief was lifted off her face.  She relaxed.  She smiled.  I smiled.  And she told me what I didn’t want to hear, but I heard her and knew it wasn’t her fault.  She gave me a hotel voucher.

It gets better… this was one of the few times I checked my luggage and since it is a connecting flight, they wouldn’t give me my luggage that night.  No change of clothes or any other personal comfort items.  The moment I started to feel irritated I searched within myself for my higher being.  I asked myself, “Do I really need to get upset?  Does it really matter?  Would it help the situation if I threw a hissy fit?”  So off I go to look for something to eat.  Every place was closing.  I stood looking at the menu of one of the cafes that appeared to be open.  The guy behind the register barked at me, “Are you just gonna stand there and look at the menu?  Do you want to order?  We’re closing!”   WTF!!!  Before I could make a smart ass comment, I said, “no thank you.. have a nice evening..” and excused him for being in his human being.  He probably just wanted to go home to his family.  I never felt so calm and sent my love to my family.

Now it really gets better… I arrive to the hotel for the night and the lady behind the desk gave me a big warm, chewy chocolate chip cookie.  Finally!   Someone is seeing my higher being!! 🙂

photo: yourkloset.com


The next morning I get on the next flight.  There was one seat left and it was a middle seat.  The agent said I could take it or wait til the next flight.  “That’s fine,” I said and the moment I said that, human being thoughts flashed thru my head.  “What if I get squashed between two big people?  two big droolers?  Walked to my seat and there were two gentlemen already seated.  Whew!  They weren’t seat hogs and they looked decent.  Business men.  I could see they were also relieved that I was not a seat hog.  The moment I snapped out of my thoughts, the coolest thing happened:  spontaneous conversation that really connected us as higher beings.  I would never say things like:  “Watch out, I might grab your butt” while fumbling for my seat belt.  We both bursted out laughing.  These two gentlemen turned out to be the best people to be sandwiched in the middle seat with on a 4 hour flight.   We talked about yoga and I taught one of them a calming breathing technique and gave a him a tip to elevate his legs after such a long flight.  The other guy turned out to an ex studio owner.  Can you imagine it?  What are the chances that I get to sit next to someone who’s gone thru the process of owning a studio.   So cool!  In the end, the both of them confessed that they were nervous the middle person was going to be a seat hog too.  We laughed!  We even got up and went to the bathroom together.. ok not together in the same stall, but we were a team 🙂  I think the other passengers were jealous we were having such a lovely conversation.  Go figure!!!  People actually talking to each other on a flight!  I would have never met these higher beings if I was in my head about how annoying it was that I was stuck over night without my stuff and then I get stuck in the middle seat.  (Pat and Dan, if you’re reading this, YOU GUYS ROCK!  I’m so fortunate to have met you and you are coming to my studio grand opening 🙂

This experience left me feeling like if I connect to my higher being, I tap into a universal higher being, and things take care of it self.  Being stuck in Chicago overnight and then getting the last middle seat on that plane was not a mistake or coincidence.

Brew on this for a bit… I’m still exploring this idea a bit more because as I said, I slipped out of this for a bit.  More on that experience later!  This post has gotten way too long 🙂

11 thoughts on “Higher Beings

  1. Lisa says:

    You know, I was loving your post. And the whole seat hog thing threw me. I guess it seemed at odds with the rest of what you’re saying. I’m a physically bigger person and I find that there still seems to be a total insensitivity in communities and from individuals where I would least expect it.

    • Hi Lisa. Thank you for visiting and reading this post. I apologize if I offended anyone. It’s not my intention. I was writing on my experience and sharing the “human being” thoughts that ran through my head (as noted in the post: ” That’s fine I said and the moment I said that, human being thoughts flashed thru my head. “What if I get squashed between two big people? two big droolers?”). I am not going to deny that these types of thoughts/judgements pop up.. it could be about someone’s clothes or their hair, etc. I think as long as we are human we have these thoughts. The work begins when we start to recognize when these thoughts/judgements arise and we can choose to act differently. In my case, I snapped out of this head conversation and met some really cool people: “The moment I snapped out of my thoughts, the coolest thing happened: spontaneous conversation that really connected us as higher beings.” It wouldn’t have mattered what size they were because I saw them in their highest self and the three of us connected in that moment. Now if I were still stuck and grumping about the middle seat, I would’ve probably missed out on this connection even if they weren’t “seat hogs.” I don’t want to justify my position but want to let you know that my intentions were not to be insensitive. Perhaps you can also look at your own reactions to this post… it’s possible that you’re higher being is hiding behind a judgement. I’m always learning something new. Thank you for your comment.

  2. it is amazing what happens when we step out of what i refer to as my drama queen… every now and again she gets a hold of my body and i get caught up in whatever (even the self created kind) ‘drama’ it can find in the moment. i wish more people could just see and feel that love and compassion for others. the phrase, be nice to everyone, you never know what kind of day they are having, comes to mind..
    glad you had a great training and glad you made it home

    • Drama queen is the perfect description and she does land in my body as sensations too. Thanks for the welcome back! I still have a lot to brain dump 🙂

  3. Jenni Tillett says:

    I love this story! I had a similar experience going to India last month. We missed our connnection in New Jersey, (the airline’s fault, not ours) and could not get out til 24 hours later. We missed the whole first day of our vacation. To add insult to injury, the airline would not put us up for the night!! I have never met such rude airline employees who would not lift a finger in assistance. When I look back I realize that in my pre-yogi life I might have had a total meltdown, but this time all I could do was breathe and let it be. And it feels good to be able to say that. This is the real reason we practice. To be with what is.

  4. seat hog huh? you should call yourself a heart hog 😉

    i think the most advanced “thing” i’ve ever done on a flight was make muted matching faces back at a 5 year old, that then decided i was “ok” and settled down the remainder of the flight 😉

  5. You made my night with this post on so many levels. I love that you watched your initial tendencies to react (rather than ignored them) and I love that you didn’t chose their default pathways. As much as craziness is thrown at us we can’t control, our reactions to it are in our hands. Emit calm and breathe and it shall be returned. Everything about this story made me happy and proud to be a fan of all you do!

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