Grateful for my blings and things

Yes, you read that right.  I am grateful for my blings and things.  I’m not gonna lie.  While everyone is grateful for the obvious things we should be grateful for like friends, family, sun, moon and stars… or perhaps that’s what we’re conditioned to be grateful for otherwise we appear to be shallow, superficial, materialistic.  Seriously, if you posted ‘I am grateful for my fancy cars’ on your facebook page, I’d bet you would get spammed with a ton of opinionated comments.  But why wouldn’t you be grateful for everything you have?  If I had a fancy car, I’d be grateful for it. 


Over the years of my lifetime, I’ve acquired many blings and a whole bunch of things… useless things that I thought I needed.  These things that I thought defined me. my worth. my success. my happiness.  They did.

… until one year I caught myself standing in line on black friday at 4am feeling proud to be able to tell my battle story of how I got a good deal. 

… until there was so many things that I had no where to store them.  

… until I got sick of packing them every time I moved.  

… until I realized the amount of hours I worked to get that bonus that I’d spend on more bling and things.

… until I saw a house full of bling and things that only filled up space…

If I could store my blings and things in my heart, I bet they would all fit inside there and leave extra wiggle room… cause with all the things that defined me, I am still left with a big hole in my heart. 

This is why I am grateful for my blings and things.  They helped me see that nothing lasts forever.   Nothing.  Especially things. 

So in this moment,  I am truly grateful for everything I have.  My health.   My home.  My kids.  My relationships.  My family.  My friends. My food.  The table I get to eat my food off of.  The sun that grows my food.  The rain that bathes me.  The dirt that supports my every step.  Everyone I’ve met.  Yes, even the assholes.  Especially the assholes.  The pain.  The challenges.  The sadness.  The joys.  I count my blessings for the full spectrum of these things, people, and experiences… for this is what shapes me… this is what helps me clearly see who I really am and shines light to the place where my shadow lives. 

GRATITUDE.  It’s the thing that I now cultivate in my heart… for gratitude helps turn what I have into enough.

4 thoughts on “Grateful for my blings and things

  1. I agree! 🙂 when i was a kid, my mom taught me to pray everyday and always be grateful for everything! Te good, bad even the ugly. Now that i’m grown, i realize the importance of gratitude and everyday i wake up grateful..for everything 🙂

  2. Cathy says:

    Your post reminded me of that quote from The Little Prince “What is essential is invisible to the eye.” Have an amazing Thanksgiving Nikki! Thanks for being a wonderful teacher 🙂

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