Good Pains

Oh my hip flexors!  Oh my badonks!  I am experiencing the aftermath of a FUN filled weekend!  Started off with Yoga Day in my last post and taking the kids for a bike ride to the park afterwards.  I had no intentions of riding my bike and just wanted to stroll along Niko cause he’s been scared to ride his bike after falling pretty hard the last time.  He surprised me this time and took off, so I ended up jogging and took Niko’s advice to “fly like the wind.”  (Where does he learn all these things?!)  Here I am clunking along trying to jog in my boots and my lungs are ready to give out (I totally suck at cardio).  The kids eventually wore themselves out and didn’t want to ride their bikes back home so rather than trying to walk their bikes home, this is what I did:

It was a wild ride.  I was completely acting silly.  This lady walking her dog, was cracking up because the kids were running and I was trying to chase them on Niko’s trike.  Helloooooo hip flexors!  Yoga works this area, but a 3yr old’s bike really pushes the edge. LOL.

I woke up with some “happy” hip flexors!  It didn’t help that the next day I had to sit down for what seemed like an eternity at a cousin’s baptismal and reception.  By the time dinner was over, I rushed to acro class so anxious to move and really fly.  It was an amazing class.  The dude Shayen who subbed our class really took me to my edge and pushed me beyond my fears.  I was ready to move and he really challenged us yesterday.  He showed no hesitation to move us and push us to our limits.  I felt completely safe and trusted him as our teacher and base… until he dropped me on my badonks!  All of a sudden, plop!  drop! ouch!  Complete surprise.  Even more surprising was it didn’t bother me.  So what I fell.  I thought my confidence would be shattered and my fears would multiply.  But they didn’t.  I actually felt inspired to try more and definitely relax into my fears and eventually through them.  This is definitely something I am working on bringing this mentality off my mat and into the challenges in my life.   I’m finding that the more I am open to facing my fear, the easier it is to be fearless.  Doesn’t mean that I won’t feel the feeling but I know that being open to feeling it helps me release it.  Check out Shayen’s website:  Your Heart is a Portal Website …. more blog on him later.

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