From being dusted by peep squeaks to Namaste

Are you faster than a kindergartener?  Apparently I’m not.  Was back in my shoes running my 30 min interval this morning.  I’m up to 5 min run, 3 min walk, 8 min run, 3 min walk, 5 min run interval.  This week has been nothing but resistance.  I dragged my legs around the track near Jazzy’s school and shortly after running several laps, two kindergarten classes crowded around the track.  I thought they were going to point and laugh at me LOL.  Then as I pass them, I hear the teacher say, “ready, set, go, 1 time around.”  Two little boys sprint past me and the rest of the class followed and passed me up.  What the !@#$ I was dusted by a bunch of peep squeaks.  So for the remainder of the run, I got lost in my thoughts about why my legs didn’t want to move and why I was struggling so much.  Did my allergy attack last week really bog me down this much?  I don’t know.  Maybe I’m just nervous as the 5K Bunny Fun Run is on April 3.  I keep telling myself it’s just for FUN and I’m not worried about how fast I finish.  The best part of the run is the post run nutrition.  (notice how I’m ignoring my own question here? 🙂 I was exhausted by the time I got home and made a quick smoothie before heading out to Cupertino’s Friday Farmer’s market:

Banana, strawberry, blue and blackberries, coconut butter, coconut juice, peanut butter, and spirulina

The highlights for this weeks farmer’s market:

Mine! All mine! (hear evil laugh in the background)
Wait til I pair you up with some jalapenos and cilantro

Had to get my raw milk from this guy today cause Whole Foods stopped selling them as of March 13.   I was shocked and thought there was some food safety issue.  Turns out it’s all political and corporate heehaws.  This is what happens when bigwigs get involved. I hope they sort this out fast, cause I love my raw milk and sometimes run out before friday’s farmer’s market.

Yum! Raw Milk!
Niko's Favorite Veggies. Organic for $1.50 each
Lunch for Niko: summer rolls.
My lunch: the best gyro EVER

And of course next to the gyro booth is the kettle corn guy.  We resisted last week but the temptation was unstoppable this week:

Can you smell this?

I felt bad for the guy cause he burned his hand right before scooping our popcorn.  He was badly burned.. probably 2nd degree he says… the result of not using his gloves when he should’ve been.

The highlight of this friday’s market is meeting a woman through a simple word as Namaste.  She was wearing a Namaste shirt and I just had to converse with her because not only is it rare to see an Asian (in this area) know what Namaste is enough to wear it on her shirt, but it was an opportunity to connect. (OK I just stereotyped, but many find yoga just a workout — perhaps another blog another day).  Found out she was an energy healer.  Got her business card and of a course a photo:

We are ONE indeed!

Perhaps my intention next friday is to connect to another person at the market.  Connections is what makes us human.  Most of the time we are wrapped in our OWN world and forget about THE world and we could all be in that place of love, light, peace and truth a lot more often.

Of course another rare find today is my hubby with me on fridays.  It was definitely a special treat.  I think I embarassed him though cause I was taking too many pictures acting like a tourist.  He said, “stop it! they might think we’re health inspectors.” Ha! Ha! I give these vendors an A+ for fresh, friendly, and affordable!

Silly tourists

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