Flying Into 2013: How To Video on Eka Pada Bakasana

Happy New Year!!   What a day… trying to finish up and squeeze in all the last minute things before the year ends and I managed to get this video made for you as promised in the “4 flying crows” post 🙂

Before you watch, keep in mind that this pose requires you to do the crow variation of bakasana and not the crane expression.  The distinction:  crow = knees lower near the elbow with elbows bent whereas crane is the full expression of crow with knees high near armpits and arms straight.  You’ll need to get your butt high in the air… go ahead and lift that badonkadonk and tell 2012 to kiss it cause we’re flying right into 2013.  Enjoy!!  Hope the tips help you fly and soar into 2013.  As always, let me know if you have comments, feedback or other tips to help with this pose.


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