Faith is Believing

I hardly believe in coincidences.

A year ago, I bought this card for someone because I was really grateful for them for showing up in my life and steering me in the path of transformation:

The card is by:

A couple weeks ago, I was given a goodie bag that had this exact same card in it.   You might say it was a coincidence.  Call it what you want, but my heart was just filled with warmth because this card held so much meaning for me.

Then I go off to advanced training (ok, I’m still brain dumping from this experience) and somewhere in those 5 days, I was really taught how to fly… literally.  We were in airplane pose and Philip Urso, stands behind me.  He gives me an assist.  One that I often give to my students as well.  He puts his hands under mine to help me lift up my chest.  Most students want to dive down to the ground in their airplane pose so when I offer the assist to them, I want them to lift their chest.  It’s all purely mechanics and physical correction.   But the intention behind Philip’s assist was so much more than that.  There was so much power and love in his assist.  Of course he knew what I was going through emotionally at that time, but I literally felt like I was going to fly away.

I came out of that pose with inquiries of how I effect students in my teachings, my assists, and how present I am for each of them.  I will never forget that moment and hope to empower someone else with so much power and love through a simple thing as a yoga pose.

7 thoughts on “Faith is Believing

  1. wow nikki, really nicely put –

    “I came out of that pose with inquiries of how I effect students in my teachings, my assists, and how present I am for each of them”

    may i experience some of that same remembrance and doing as i teach, thank you 😉

  2. loved this. reminded me of when I told my mom how i was taking my kids to see the Harlem Globetrotters. I said that I had loved going as a kid and couldn’t wait to bring mine. She said that she didn’t even remember that we had gone, but my brother had also told her about it. She told me it felt great as a parent to know that some small gesture like a trip to see a basketball team really made an impression even as we are now in our 40s

    I am always so tickled by what resonates and how my teaching affects those in the room. I love getting that kind of feedback, feel like it makes me a better teacher. Did you tell this to P Urso? What a fabulous story and cool experience! xo

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