Everyone Must Breathe Until

photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lee20sk/3880571577

… and everyone must breathe until their dying breath!

Love it! A great reminder for me to simply “be and breath” until we no longer can.  While you’re there take time to notice the extra fluff that we add to complicate things.  How about those exits doors that we always have cracked open to use when we don’t want to face the challenge? In my practice today I gave extra attention to those strong sensations I’ve been feeling because my body isn’t quite feeling optimal this week.   Body is sore and tired.  So every pose I get into is naturally hard and I find myself having to negotiate between what is real sensation and what is resistance.  Stories come up.  I complicate things with excuses and complaints about why I can’t hold a pose for more than 2 breaths.  I decide I really need water or to take a bathroom break.  Total exit doors!

As I catch myself start to spiral into this “poor me” pity party, I snap out and remind myself to


because I still can!

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