Dreams Do Come True

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”  — Walt Disney

Nicely said Mr. Disney.  Actually it even kinda sounds cheesy and cliche’ish until one day your dreams do come true.   Things start to materialize before your eyes and all of a sudden you realize your dream is no longer a dream.  You pinch yourself and it hurts… because your dream is now your reality.

I wish upon a star…

I’m not talking about the dreams you have of bears chasing you or those graphic dreams of dark shadows lurking in the alley ready to pounce on you type of dreams.  Thank goodness those don’t come true.  I’m talking about those “I wish upon a star” where I really really really want something badly type of dreams.

Well even the shiniest star alone won’t make your dreams come true.  You won’t just attract your dream to life but there’s something to be said about declaring your dreams and whole heartedly wanting them to come true.

Some of My Dreams…

I don’t want to boost, but this past week has been a domino effect of my dreams coming true.  Is it even possible that 3 dreams can come true in one week?   I’m pinching myself and *ouch* it hurts… I’m awake so it must be real.   As far as I can remember, I’ve always dreamt about being an entrepreneur.  Never in my wildest dreams did I know I would own a yoga studio.  When I realized that owning a yoga studio was THE dream, I dreamt big.  Not big as in the Taj Mahal of studios, but big as in BIG on love, community, and friendship.  I dreamt that people would practice next to each other, mat to mat with the sound of the breath filling the room, sweat dripping on the floor  and no one would even gringe because they were all friends.  I am still in awe as I witnessed the room fill up this weekend and we packed the studio to maximum capacity.  It was the hottest mess I’ve ever seen and no one complained once that it was too crowded.   I am grateful!   Then, I found out that I accidentally completed my 500 hour teacher training.  I started my 500 hour about a year and a half ago and just kept on attending trainings.  I enjoyed them so much that it didn’t behoove me keep track of the modules I had completed.  Nice surprise!  and definitely one of my dreams that I wanted to fulfill.  The 3rd dream just came true today as I write this post.   I am going to Bali in a few weeks to co-facilitate a yoga retreat with my teacher Deb.    She had asked me a few weeks ago to go with her but <insert a long list of excuses of why I can’t go even though it would be huge dream come true>.  It’s interesting to see what happens when you share your dream out loud with others.  The Universe does really conspire to make it happen especially if you whole heartedly want it to come true.  And so I am going to Bali.  Don’t be so jealous cause this is the trip from hell!!!!!  38hours of travel time!!!!   <— a little ounce of sympathy please 🙂  BTW, you can come too.  It’s not too late to book the Bali trip.

Dreams really do come true….

They come true all the time.  I look back at the last month and I could list a handful of dreams that have come true.  They may not be those big whopper dreams but each little wish I’ve made have manifested.   One of them is that I got to share yoga with my mom.  Ever since I started to practice yoga about 10 years ago and even in the last 7 years of teaching, I never asked my mom if she would like to come to my class.  I assumed that she would not enjoy the power vinyasa style I was teaching.  I assumed these things because of what she has said in the past about yoga and her limited movement, etc.  But last month she came to visit me and saw my studio for the first time.  She was very excited for me and in her joy, I asked her if she wanted to come take a class.  “YES!” was the immediate response.  I couldn’t believe it.   Having my mom in yoga class was a dream I’ve secretly had but never had the courage to ask her for fear of her rejecting the idea.  Boy! was I wrong!  I will never ever assume again.

Walt was right…

Dreams do come true.  But not by wishing upon a star… but by having the courage to pursue them.  Dreams require you to be in action in order for them to come to fruition.  Sometimes it takes a lot of money to make a dream come true.  Sometimes it takes a lot of patience.  Sometimes it takes a lot of commitment.  Sometimes it takes a lot of hard work.  Sometimes it takes a lot of support from those who care about your dreams.  Sometimes it takes a lot of passion.  Mostly it takes a lot of belief.  Believe in yourself and your dreams.

Thank you for helping my dreams come true… you know who you are.

5 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True

    • it’s one thing to dream it every night and keep the dream alive but it’s another thing to make your dream come true by putting together the pieces one step at a time, one piece at a time 😉

  1. soul sista Julie says:

    That was a great post. It is funny because I typed in what I was desiring… Living the yoga dream… And your very nice post popped up… I don’t know who you are or what this page is but “thanks”, the message for me is keep on working and dreaming… I will get there, I will get there 🙂 Namaste.

  2. What a surprise to visit your blog today and see the very same quote that sits right above my desk! “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney! I love that quote and as silly as it sounds it gets me through those really tough days. Just wanted to drop a quick thanks for posting it and great job on the blog!

  3. I wholeheartedly agree that dreams come true, especially when you fully believe in them and leave no room for doubt or second guessing yourself! Congrats on your three dreams! Bali sounds amazing (minus the travel time, but I know it’ll be worth it!).

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