Doing Nothing That Means Something

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Today I’m stuck.  It’s hump day and I feel like I can’t get up and over this day.  Energy stuck.  Mind stuck.  Emotions stuck.  Shoulders tight.  Hammies tight.  Back tight.  Hmmmm…

How to get unstuck?  And no, yoga was not the answer for me (surprise.surprise.)  Well ok.. maybe it is yoga.  But not the yoga you know me for.  Not power yoga.  I need some rest.  To stay in child’s pose, balasana for 10 minutes.  To put my legs up the wall in viparita karani for 10 minutes.  To stay in a supine twist 5 minutes each side.  And then to lay in savasana for 30 minutes.  Seems boring?  More like peaceful.

My mind has been racing too much this week and it’s no wonder why I couldn’t get into my flow during practice.  I felt like I was muscling my way through the postures and left with no energy afterwards.  Taking a more restorative approach left me feeling more powerful and renewed.

So yes, even a power yogini needs a restorative (whimpy as some of you might call it) practice.  But there is nothing whimpy about surrendering.  In fact, it takes some courage to admit that you need some rest.  We are such a goal driven, task oriented, more is more culture.  Admitting that you need some rest could invoke feelings of weakness, incompetence, and “I suck!” attitude.

One of my favorite poses is child’s pose or balasana.  I often remind students that not only does this pose provide a home base for their practice during class, but the “bow” is very symbolic of surrender both physically and mentally.  Sometimes the body just needs a break.  Sometimes our minds need a break too… a break from the ego.. to continuously push and challenge.  Sometimes it’s all mental and giving ourselves permission to surrender becomes the practice.   The word ‘bala’ means strength and ‘asana’ means posture/seat.

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Today I am taking my seat of strength.  Letting go of my goals.  Dumping off excess.  Saying ‘No.’ Choosing stillness and surrender.  Doing nothing that really means something.

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How do you connect back to stillness? To surrender? To your seat of strength?

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