Do Trees Get Cold?

Do trees get cold?  Apparently they do.  Strolling down 1st street in downtown San Jose after teaching my class today, my eyes were treated to this:

Sweater trees!  This inspiration was started by two girls who call themselves, JafaGirls  Just Another F*&^ing Artist).   I love their story:

“It all started in 2005 when Jan and I (Corrine aka Jafabrit) had our art reception. We were pouting because hardly anyone showed up despite all the usual methods of advertizing and a nice review by Jud Yalkut in the Dayton City Paper. My husband remarked, “Well you’re just Jafa’s, why would anyone come out of their way on a Saturday Night to a gallery in the middle of nowhere”. He was right! We  burst out laughing and decided we were going to do things a little differently from now on. No more catering to convention and to hell with elitism.” (From JafaGirls website)

What I love more is how they brought a community together through such a simple and probably forgotten piece of art such as knitting.  They knitted a sweater tree for the Yellow Springs, OH street art event.

photo credit and full story:

As you can imagine, anyone who sees this would stop and look and even strike a pose.  Long after the art event, residents and visitors would add their own knitted pieces, photos, lucky charms, jokes and the like on this tree that has been named the Knit Knot Tree.  If anything, it made people smile and give gratitude.

A big smile definitely stretched across my face as I look with amazement and wonder how in the heck they got up there to do this.

I am inspired by Corrine’s attitude: “No more catering to convention and to hell with elitism.”  As a yoga teacher, I strive to be just this.  Unconventional but true to the simple essence of yoga philosophy.  Nothing more complicated than being and breathing.  The journey to the self has many twists and turns, but sometimes going with tradition and what seems to be the “right” way or “right” yoga style to practice can be the path that prevent us from trying or getting on the mat in the first place.  My practice is fun and funny.  It’s a medium where I can unravel the knits and knots in my life.  My practice is an art… the art of being and breathing.  My community starts in the classroom and I would love for you to come to class and share your photos, your journey, your good luck charms, your jokes, and of course your lovely smile!

3 thoughts on “Do Trees Get Cold?

  1. Lisa K says:

    I absolutly love this, you’ve just given me a way to use some of the extra yarn I have sitting around! ~Namaste

  2. jafagirls says:

    Blush! What a beautifully written post and thanks for the shout out. I really like how you wove the story together in regards to knitting and yoga. There is something very meditative about knitting, as there is about yoga. I would never have known the absolute joy yarnboming gives me and others had I stuck to the RULES!

    I love the yarnbombing in San Jose, no wonder you smiled, it’s lovely.

    regards Corrine aka Jafabrit

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