Divine Rhythm

I am in love.  In love.  In love with Bhakti yoga.  When I took my first ever Bhakti yoga class, I moved mindlessly through the class while I mentally resisted it because Bhakti yoga is the yoga of devotion (i.e. devotion to a God).  That G word brings up a lot of mental resistance, judgements and the like.  It’s a sore subject to say the least.  But lately, I’ve been drawn to it.  In the state of my life transition and feelings of emptiness, I feel my spirit being fulfilled by these classes.  The kirtan, the compassion, and the love engulfs me while I’m getting my butt kicked with the asanas.  

Last night I took a class by one of my favorites, Prajna and she really pinched a nerve in me by telling a story about the blue guy, Krishna, who plays the flute and attracts a bunch of love affairs (Prajna tells it much more eloquently).  The love affairs are not what we think love affairs really are… they are a form of personal devotion to him, Krishna, whom they see as their Guide.  

image: http://www.krishnasmercy.org/dotnetnuke/Worship/LordKrishna/tabid/60/Default.aspx

I’d have to be honest and say that I like to hear about these Hindu gods through stories like this, but I’m not interested in learning more about them… probably because I have this huge resistance to the G word.  I know that there are many interpretations of God and there are many deities whom people worship but I don’t have a specific deity to devote to so hence the resistance…. until I realize that the word “devotion” doesn’t have to be tied to worshiping a diety… it’s more like an expression of personal Love.  This expression can be similar to a human-human relationship.  It can also be like a soul and Super Soul(i.e. God, Universe, Higher Power, etc) connection, beloved and lover, parent and child.  Ok… I’m digging this devotion as an expression of personal Love.  So Prajna read to us some very inspiring love poems to God during class and at the end she invited us to write our own if we were moved to.  Here’s mine:

Divine Rhythm

I can’t touch You.
I can’t see You.
I can’t call you by any name.

But there is a rhythm that dances in me.

 In, I breathe You.
Out, I breathe gratitude. 

 You must be here.
Here in my Soul.

You must be here.
Here in my heart.

With every beat and every breath
I feel the touch of divine oneness… called Love.

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