Counting What Matters

“Count the number of times you show up on your mat rather than counting the number of poses you can or can’t do.” 

Every now and then I rummage thru my yoga notes I’ve written during trainings and programs I’ve taken in the past. This one liner could not have come to save me at a more timely manner than now.

I’ve been a bad yogini!!

Lately the total of both of these counts can embarrassingly be counted on one hand while the rest of the fingers have been assigned to counting the number of days I’ve eaten birthday cake at 9pm. Sometimes yoga has to take a back seat while birthday marathons are taking place and sometimes unrolling the mat takes a back seat when the body resists and then goes to successfully bully the mind into thinking it’s best to keep it unrolled.

There were more but no pics were taken in order to hide the evidence lol

Starting tomorrow, the birthday cakes would’ve been all eaten up and there will be nothing else left to do but yoga.

Beginning Again

We all have to start some where…

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been practicing.

It has nothing to do with how smart you are or

what poses you were able to do or not do

or how much green juice you drink or red wine you consume.

Who your God is, or whatever Higher being guides you and even if you don’t believe in any such things… it doesn’t matter one damn bit.

What matters is when you decide to show up…

and then you show up.

The rest works itself out. It always does.

Time to reset the counter!

Yoga:1      Distractions: 0


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