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Ahhhh my favorite pose as of last night.   Two days of heat wave, a full week of 2nd grade, enrolling in the right preschool, last minute day care crisis, backed up toilets and figuring my teaching schedule to accomodate the world is enough to run even the calmest yogi ragged.

For the first time in over a year, I came home after my 5:30pm class and plopped on the couch.  I even ate dinner on the couch… with the TV on.   (Good thing the kiddos were already in bed because I just broke about 3 of my own rules.)   Wow!  So this is what a couch with a recliner feels like.   I like it!  I didn’t even have any energy to flip the channels and what ever channel was on was what I was watching.  Tyrah Bank’s Top Model.  So I watched it (or rather is the reason why I stopped watching TV in the first place.)   Never mind that cause I didn’t have much brain waves left to process anything else that was more complicated or thought provoking.

This is a first time in a long time that I knew that a yoga practice tonight was not going to help.  There are days that I know a good yoga practice will snap me out of my rut and energize me.  Then there are the few days (like last night) that a practice would probably take me to a dangerous edge where I might injure myself.  Being able to distinguish between the intuitive voice of “slow down and rest” and the inner ego of more, more, more is much of a practice as the asana practice itself.  I find the practice of stillness to be much more challenging than any posture.

So, is my ego bruised because I missed a practice?  Maybe.

Soul nourished?  Definitely.

2 thoughts on “Couch-asana

  1. Melissa says:

    Loved this post! Just thought I would comment! This morning I planned on getting up and doing a little yoga to start the day…things are crazy in my house–I have a toddler and a 6 wk old so…after my 4:30 feeding I just figured I would stay up. Instead jumped in bed told myself “just five minutes” and fell back asleep. As I was drifting I thought well I could do some toe stretches and call it a morning practice while still in bed! I think it counts…hoping to hit the mat later though!

  2. yea for soul nourishing!
    Nikki, you are so so wise!
    That is a HUGE bad habit Dave and I have, eating on the couch, ugh. We’re working on getting the tv downstairs, less accessable, but he loves to watch baseball when he gets home from work and I love to visit with him while we eat, so that’s where we sit…on the couch. old habits die hard.
    Love how you spelled Tyrah Banks too =)
    ‘Tyrah, like Tyra Banks?’
    yes, only I’m not famous 😉 haha

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