Combat Chaos with a Creative Flow

Let the holidays begin!

It’s that time of year when everyone’s talking about staying calm amidst the chaos and keeping things simple to survive the end of year shenanigans… everyone except me. No not I. I am creating chaos, causing a mess, doing too many projects at once while trying to save the world.

This is my life.  Everyday. Every week. Every month.

It’s been a full year of sorts and I would not go back and change a thing. Ok maybe I would’ve gone back to create more time for more blogging. It’s been a long time since I posted and mainly because I was not inspired to share my chaotic life. However today I was inspired to share this creative sequence that happened out of the clutter surrounding me. It’s an example of the mess I create. As if the holiday season was not enough, I decided to re-do our family room. As a result all the junk got moved into my yoga room and before I could use the mess as an excuse to not practice, I turned on some happy music, embraced the situation and went with the flow.

Peace begins with me.

I am instantly reminded that peace begins with me and that I can choose to flow thru life smoother than the chaos that life will throw at me. Moving around on my mat in this way also reminded me that the best way to navigate chaos is to step outside the boundaries and if all else fails, join the chaos.  Join me in this non-linear, no mat boundaries, messy yet controlled, creative and graceful kinda sequence.

So much fun! Let me know if you try the sequence:

  1. upward salute (sun salutation A to down dog)
  2. Right leg crescent lunge with side bend to revolved crescent lunge
  3. warrior 2 to reverse warrior 2
  4. side angle to 3 legged down dog
  5. star fish (side plank variation; pick up the front leg for more intensity)
  6. IT band stretch with push ups and then with thread the needle
  7. wide leg seated straddle forward fold
  8. IT band stretch with push ups on left leg
  9. half pigeon (stay upright instead of laying torso down) / mermaid
  10. seated twist or gomukhasana
  11. eka pada koundinyasana 1 or side crow, come back to counter open face seated twist)
  12.  half moon standing on right leg
  13. crow pose
  14. standing forward fold
  15. upward salute
  16. Repeat 1-15 for left side

p.s. hold each pose for anywhere between 5-8 breaths or whatever your heart desires.

One thought on “Combat Chaos with a Creative Flow

  1. Patricia says:

    Okay. For me, this is right ON TIME! Anytime and anyplace. Always makin’ an excuse … I am anticipating this smooth flow for my evening home practice. Many thanks as always …

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