Breathe Like You’re Alive

Just because you can breathe doesn’t mean you’re alive or that you’re living your life.   By the way, how’s your breath right now?  How many times a day do you actually appreciate your inhales and empty your exhales?

I was at my acupuncture visit this saturday and realized how many of us breathe as if we were dying gasping for air.  The treatment rooms are like cubicles.  They’re private with doors  but the ceiling is not enclosed so conversations, or in this case the gasping for air, in the next room are heard.  It sounded like a father/son appointment.  I could imagine the horror on the son’s face as the doc told him not to worry because it’s like brushing your teeth; you don’t want to do it, but it’s good for you.  Doc proceeds to treat him and starts poking the needles.  I could hear the boy grunting and grinding his teeth.  Doc tells him to breathe.  The boy starts to breathe heavy and almost could start to hear a little ujyaii breath going on.  But before his breath could become soothing, he started to sound like a dying darth vadar.  Doc snaps at him, “Don’t breath like your dying!” Only then the boy snaps out of his panic state and realizes that he is alive.  The grunting subsides and I could finally relax into my treatment.

A couple breaths into my surrender, another patient enters another nearby room.  She’s babbling away telling the doc her aches and pains until she runs out of breath.  Doc just says, “ok, lie face down.”  I love this doc.  He sees so many people who just procrastinate and have small talk to try and avoid their treatment.  She’s asking him how many needles she’s gonna get and how bad is it gonna be compared to last time.  He tells her he’s gonna take it easy on her today and that she’s gonna get only 6 needles in her feet.  The woman is in shock, “are you freakin’ kidding me?”  (Those were her exact words.)  “Nope. Only 6 today.  It’s good for you,” says doc. I felt bad for her because the needles that go in the feet are the most painful.  But once you get past what seems like an eternity but is really only several seconds or so of pain, it’s a great release.

Be blessed today and breathe in gratitude for the opportunity to feel.  Feel the breathe.  Feel the pain.  Feel the happiness.  Feel the joy.  Feel whatever it is that comes up.  Feeling is knowing that you’re alive. So act like you are and don’t be afraid to live.

Take a big breath in and s-i-g-h-hhhhhhh.

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