Big Body Parts

My <insert body part> is too <insert adjective>.    Butt and big were the two words a student said to me while I was giving her an assist in a supine twist.  I just asked her to shift her hips to the side a tad and reminded her to breathe. She sighed a big sigh.

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At the end of class, she asks me whether her body was the “right shape” for yoga.  I ask her what she’s feeling.  She still believes her butt is too big because it doesn’t want to move.  So I dig a bit deeper and find that she drives a lot and hunches over a desk.   Well geez!  You’re probably tight.  She goes on to say that maybe it’s just been a long time since she’s done any exercise, etc.   Maybe, I say, you’re moving and finding tissues that have been stagnant.  You’re doing fine.  (Miss “A”, you are really doing fantastic!  You exhibit great attention and awareness and best of all you smile during class!)  Keep coming and maintain the lightness that your smile brings because that lightness will eventually travel to your not so big butt.  You have hips that I would envy but would never get no matter how many boxes of cookies I ate.  Maybe that’s what other people envy of me.  The bottom line is, we were born this way.  Built this way for a reason.  Our unique shape defines the border that contains our spirit.

When I practice yoga, I am redefining the borders and risk having body parts (or whatever it is) hang outside the usual borders a bit.  When I move past my physical borders that define me, I begin to tap into what really defines me.  The true Self is capable of moving beyond mental and physical limitations or beliefs that <insert body part> is too <insert adjective>.  True power is self acceptance.  Self Love.

BTW, the next time you’re in a yoga class, look around.  There are people of all sizes, shapes, and abilities.  If you can breathe, you can do yoga.

5 thoughts on “Big Body Parts

  1. Laotian Teacher says:

    Nikki, I’m glad you stumbled onto my Lao blog otherwise I would not have met another Yoga nut. I have been trying to get back on track to my workout and Yoga is one of my favorite. For a Lao person I have a big butt but that has not gotten in my way yet. When I do Yoga I am in my zone, my nirvana… you have inspired me to move this big butt and get in action again.

  2. This is such a timely post and something I still have issues with sometimes. Some random guy on the street actually yelled “stupid fat arsed b*tch” to me the other day because I wouldn’t give him money (a whole other issue that I have strong feelings about). I wasn’t particularly upset at the time because he was just lashing out but it got me thinking a little too much about my body again. If only I didn’t have a tummy…maybe even that whole thigh right there, and how about we slice off a bit of the boob fat too. Silly really. You’re so right hon, if we can breathe, we can do yoga.

    • you are so sweet to share this.. and you know that even if you lost some body bits and pieces that guy would’ve still called you what he called you because it really wasn’t about you 🙂 When we can’t face our own crap, we begin to point the finger to others.

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