Remember when I said I was busy brewing up some really exciting stuff and I couldn’t say anything until it was ready?  Well it’s ready!!!!  Well the first part of part one….so you can say this is Part 1A 🙂

Podcasts from iTunes

I’ve really done it this time… pushed beyond my comfort zone and this time I find much excitement instead of fear.  Ok maybe a little fear, but I’m so excited (blush blush and embarrassed teehehee) to broadcast into cyberland.  Check me out on iTunes!  I’ve made available a podcast of my classes recorded live!  These are unedited so expect giggles and laughter, sighs and corny talk 🙂 BUT most of all be prepared to sweat and end in a deeper sense of serenity.  Of course this is all FREE!!!

If you take my classes, I would love to hear what your experience was.  Of course since the classes were live, I’ve tried to explain poses as best as I could for the podcast listener.  It is a work in progress so any feedback, comments, and suggestions would help me grow and deliver many more quality podcasts.  A rating in iTunes is even better and would make me swell with gratitude.

To access these, search for “Power Yoga with Nikki Wong” in iTunes.  Subscribing in iTunes will ensure you receive the latest episodes.  You can also download them to your mobile device and practice anywhere, anytime.

You can also just click here and play them off this page:

That’s all for now!!!  Part 1B is still brewing so stay tuned…

10 thoughts on “Announcing…

  1. Wow! this is fantastic! I love the photo, one can really see the joy you have for yoga even in that pose =) I’ll try one of your classes for sure.

  2. NIKKI that is so exciting and I LOVE YOUR cover photo! Where are you? it’s totally perfect! Can’t wait to take your class! Promise to get one in this week and I will send you praises! LOVE YOU! So excited for you and all that is unfolding on your path! BIG THINGS, big good things!

  3. Flaneuse says:

    Nikki I am so excited for you! This is exactly what I was hoping part of your news would be 🙂

    I am moving to CA soon and I hope I’ll be able to come to one of your classes one day!

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