A Love Hate Triangle

Today’s post and video is in response to Nancy’s post last week on how she hates triangle pose.   I used to hate triangle (trikonasana) too.  Too many parts to lift and squeeze and oh my neck!  A bootcamp with my teacher Baron, and I discover that I was holding myself back because I was trying to mold myself into the shape that the typical alignment cues were given… you know the front foot pointing straight, back foot in 90 degrees, heel to heel, eyes to the sky, and now try to enjoy the pose for 5 breaths while my neck ached…  ugh!

The video shows a variation that I LOVE doing.   Quick alignment highlights:  front foot slightly turned out, front heel to back arch, high on finger tips, and backbending.. yes! backbending in triangle.  Although I much prefer to call it a heart opening because that’s what it feels like. 

Open your heart every chance you get… share your LOVE generously!

5 thoughts on “A Love Hate Triangle

  1. Oh I suffer during triangle as well. I thought I was the only one. But my favorite pose in Bikram Yoga is Rabbit! I can hardly wait until the end of the sequence to feel the stretch along my upper back and the tingling afterwards.

    Isn’t it interesting how we all have our favorite and un-favorite poses?

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